Product Registration - Voice Class

7 years and older (younger students considered on a case by case basis)

No previous experience required.

All genres of music including rock, jazz and musical theatre.

Individual 30 min, 45 min, and 60 min lessons available

Adults welcome ---- males and females

Numerous performance opportunites available.

Royal Conservatory of Music examination programs for advancing students

Regular Course of Study

A. The United Conservatory of Music Agrees to:

  1. Reserved teaching facilities for a one-hour group lesson or a one-half hour private or semi-private lesson, depending on which instrument/course is being studied.
  2. Provide a studio instrument to the studio for use during the lesson period.
  3. Encourage the students to participate in United Conservatory sponsored concerts and recitals (subject to a small admission fee for parents, family, and guests).
  4. Encourage the student to participate in music festivals and/or competitions and examinations supported by the United Conservatory of Music.
  5. Encourage student progress by means of achievement awards.
  6. Provide regular course of study during the months of September through June.

B. The Parent and/or Enrolled Student Agrees to:

  1. Follow United Conservatory of Music teaching instructions.
  2. Pay lesson fees monthly, in advance, during the first week of each month (post-dated cheques or semester payments are the suggested procedure.) At the instructor's discretion, a LATE FEE (up to 25%) will apply to lesson fees which are not paid by the last day of each month.
  3. Take grade examinations in accordance with the current exam syllabus and fee schedule.
  4. Give the instructor as much notice as possible in the event of an upcoming missed lesson.
  5. Give the instructor one month written notice of intent to discontinue lessons.
  6. Attend lessons for the entire duration of the teaching term (end of June) to maintain the students rate of musical progress.
  7. Parental attendance during classes at reasonable regular intervals.
  8. Arrange and encourage a regular home practice schedule in order to attain satisfying results.

C. Fee Schedule:

  1. The annual registration fee of $25.00 is payable now and remains valid until the conclusion of each teaching term (June 30). Re-registration is due before the start of the next teaching term.
  2. New registration is to be paid at the retail store located on 4th Street.
  3. Returning registrations are to be paid to the instructor.
  4. Current lesson rate is $90.00 per month if pre-paid annually, $100.00 per month if paid month to month. (Based on a minimum of four lessons per month)
  5. NOTE: Music books and misc. supplies are not included in the lesson fees. Music lesson fees are subject to change upon one month written notice.

Fee Acknowledgement:

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